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Alex graduated from the University of the Philippines Dilliman in 2004 with a degree in Broadcast Communications. She then worked as a Group Publisher for Hinge Inquirer Publications, until moving on to help a former Microsoft executive start a software company in the Philippines - Saperium.

Alex was already experienced in building agile development teams, designing intuitive UX interfaces, and shipping thousands of high-quality client experiences when she met Patrick, who at the time was at KMC Solutions looking for a payroll solution for the company's needs. He had already started work on a cloud-based HR management and payroll platform prototype. After seeing its potential for a larger market, he spun the product off from KMC with their blessing. Alex joined him as Chief Product Officer and together, they built Sprout Solutions.

Sprout provides a platform to ease every Filipino business owner’s headache. From 201 file management, timekeeping, and payroll, Sprout both shortens processing time and reduces disputes by up to 90%. It also integrates with a company’s current HR processes, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and accounting software. What differentiates Sprout further from global players is its home-grown, Filipino-centric mission. Sprout best understands and matches the HR needs of Philippine companies with its superior user experience and extensive feature offerings. Although it began as a solution for startups and SMEs, its popularity and effectiveness among large enterprises has secured its dominant market position.


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ABOUT Sprout Solutions

With 32 possible outcomes for overtime pay calculation, mandated contributions to 4 government agencies due every 2 weeks, and constant changes in labor laws, HR management in the Philippines is a major pain. Consequentially, 40% of Filipino business owners still use spreadsheets to manage HR. Enter Sprout Solutions, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that simplifies HR, payroll and timekeeping in the Philippines, eliminating payroll miscalculations and delays for businesses, from small and medium to large enterprises.