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Skills shortage and high turnover rates render the U.S. recruiting industry (operating at low margins of 5-7%) scrounging for the dollar. The recruiting industry ironically lacks quality recruiters, since they only focus on filling up seats instead of building a long-term, efficient hiring system for clients. Brian Cotter and Vivek Padmanabhan decided to change this when they opened PSG Global Solutions in the Philippines. The two are no strangers to multimillion dollar operations and their management consultancy backgrounds have provided them with insights into a range of industries across multiple geographies.

Brian is an MBA graduate of Wharton and spent three years at Bain & Company in the United States. Brian first met Vivek during their time as senior executives at eTelecare, a Manila-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, which they helped grow from a US$32M business to a US$250M business. They were among the first to use the Philippines as a location to service calls for the US market.

Brian and Vivek decided to fulfill their shared dream of becoming high-impact entrepreneurs in the Philippines. They learned that majority of eTelecare employees were college graduates who were overqualified but lacking in alternative career options at the same pay grade. The pair decided to address this by creating high-quality jobs for the Philippine market. With their expertise on the offshore recruiting sector and desire to help Filipinos move up the professional value chain, the two entrepreneurs founded PSG Global Solutions in October 2008. PSG is now the market leader in the rapidly growing offshore US$6B RPO industry and has big plans in line. During their time at eTelecare, Brian and Vivek genuinely enjoyed inspiring and mentoring employees who went on to take leadership roles at major corporates like Accenture, HSBC, and some followed them to be part of PSG’s Senior Management team. Their commitment to create a similar multiplier effect in emerging markets, while addressing inequality, perfectly matches Endeavor’s mission.


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ABOUT PSG Global Solutions

PSG capitalizes on the offshore delivery model, providing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to U.S. based staffing companies through its high-quality recruiters in the Philippines. PSG’s mission is to transform the staffing industry by providing high-quality offshore recruiting services.