Dustin Onghanseng


After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computing from the National University of Singapore in 2008, Dustin started his consulting career, but quickly realized corporate culture did not suit him. After questioning how meaningful the impact of his work was to the world, he decided to seek more fulfilling options and enrolled for an MBA at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. At HKUST, Dustin met his co-founder and CTO, Brian Lin, a mechatronic engineer who had worked at Broadcom, where he built WiFi chipset programs used by Apple’s Macbooks and Samsung’s phones.

The two shared a passion for health and sustainability, hitting it off after realizing they both suffered from chronic respiratory conditions – Dustin has rhinitis and Brian has asthma. They noticed that tenants in the dormitory they lived in were frequently sick because of poor air quality. They tried to collect data to convince building managers to reprogram the dorms’ HVAC systems, and thus the idea for uHoo was born. After winning a hackathon where they built their first prototype, both Dustin and Brian went all-in, dropping their classes and investing their life savings into uHoo. In 2016, the company launched an Indiegogo campaign, which reached its funding target of $50K in under 48 hours and led to coverage from many popular media outlets, including Forbes, VentureBeat, Engadget, and Inc. uHoo has gained international recognition since, being awarded the IBM Global Entrepreneur prize in 2016 and making it to the finals of Seedstars World and TechSauce Global Pitch in 2017.

uHoo’s all-in-one indoor air quality monitoring device is equipped with 9 sensors to detect every key air quality indicator. The device syncs with the uHoo cloud, and all data and insights can be monitored via the uHoo app and web dashboards, which allow its users to compare current air quality with healthy levels, identify trends, and receive alerts when quality thresholds are breached. The device captures data every minute, enabling users to see patterns on its dashboards and drive timely decision-making – e.g. opening windows, replacing air filters, and adjusting ventilation systems. Lastly, customers can use uHoo’s integrations to automate tasks, such as turning on air purifiers or adjusting thermostats and building HVAC systems.


Milan ISP, 2018


Smart City - Buildings


uHoo’s patented air sensor and accompanying software provide a complete air quality management solution to help customers create healthier indoor environments. uHoo alerts users of air quality problems, recommends remedial actions, and even integrates with smart air cleaning devices, lights, and building control systems to automate and optimize air quality management.