Farouk Meralli


Founded by Farouk Meralli, mClinica is the only company in Southeast Asia that generates, aggregates and analyzes real-time global health data at the pharmacy level. Born in Vancouver, Canada, technology enthusiast Farouk always wanted to make an impact in the world. At the age of 17, during his undergraduate studies at McGill University, he founded “Borderless World Volunteers,” a charity that has carried out development projects in the fields of healthcare, education and microfinance in more than 10 countries. After completing his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences and International Development, Farouk earned a Masters in Health Policy and Management from Harvard University. Farouk believed that commercial sustainability and social change are not mutually exclusive, and thus became interested in pharmaceuticals, which he saw as a route to both increase the quality of life while having a sustainable financial bottom line. He proceeded to take on various global roles in major pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Roche where he focused emerging markets.

In all of his roles, Farouk recognized that unlike in the US, pharmacies in developing markets are fragmented or dominated by large players who do not share information, posing as an obstacle for both the private and public sector to deliver proper healthcare. mClinica started when he pitched his idea of a mobile platform linking pharmacies to collect and consolidate data to a top executive at a global pharmaceutical company, who agreed to be his first client contingent on Farouk piloting the program in the Philippines. Given only 60 days to demonstrate that his model worked, Farouk got on a plane to a country he’d never been to, with a technology that did not exist, and with a team that he did not have.

The risk paid off as, within a year, Farouk was able to bag his first big pharmaceutical client, establish a formidable team, build his network, and raise funding from global venture capital firms such as 500 Startups, IMJ Investment Partners of Japan and Kickstart Ventures.  mClinica then expanded to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand from its headquarters in Singapore becoming a regional healthcare player. An early mover in an archaic industry with high barriers to entry, mClinica shows that it is possible to do good while meeting the needs of those who require it the most. mClinica currently connects thousands of pharmacies across southeast Asia, accessing millions of patients and generating billions of data points allowing it to help transform healthcare in the region.  Endeavor Philippines is proud to support a young entrepreneur with strong leadership skills, who invests in younger entrepreneurs, and more importantly, has helped lay the groundwork for bringing technology into the Philippine healthcare space, making it more efficient and transparent.


Boston ISP, 2016



ABOUT mClinica

mClinica uses mobile technology to connect pharmacies, physicians, and patients in Asia's emerging markets. By uniting the region’s fragmented pharmacies on one common mobile platform, mClinica is able to collect a comprehensive and unique set of data and provide analytics services and patient engagement tools, including discounts, for public and private healthcare organizations.