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After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 2007, Patrick Gentry began managing projects for Toolwire, an eLearning startup in Silicon Valley. In 2008, he visited the Philippines on what he thought would be a short vacation. Having fallen in love with the country, Patrick stuck around and began working remotely for Toolwire. One month turned into two years and in 2009, his entrepreneurial chops kicked in. He became a founding shareholder and led strategy for KMC Solutions - an outsourcing, staff leasing and office solutions provider.

While Patrick was at KMC Solutions, payroll became one of the company’s largest challenges as manpower grew from 100 to 1,000+. Frustrated with the inadequacies of existing products, Patrick built a cloud-based HR management and payroll platform prototype, with invaluable user experience and product advice from Alex Agbayani, Sprout's co-founder, who had built agile development teams, designed intuitive UX interfaces, and shipped thousands of high-quality client experiences. The nascent but powerful platform improved KMC’s HR processes beyond Patrick’s wildest expectations, and he realized its potential for a larger market. In 2015, they spun it off with the blessing of KMC, and Alex joined as Chief Product Officer – Sprout Solutions was officially born.

Sprout provides a platform to ease every Filipino business owner’s headache. From 201 file management, timekeeping, and payroll, Sprout both shortens processing time and reduces disputes by up to 90%. It also integrates with a company’s current HR processes, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and accounting software. What differentiates Sprout further from global players is its home-grown, Filipino-centric mission. Sprout best understands and matches the HR needs of Philippine companies with its superior user experience and extensive feature offerings. Although it began as a solution for startups and SMEs, its popularity and effectiveness among large enterprises has secured its dominant market position.


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ABOUT Sprout Solutions

With 32 possible outcomes for overtime pay calculation, mandated contributions to 4 government agencies due every 2 weeks, and constant changes in labor laws, HR management in the Philippines is a major pain. Consequentially, 40% of Filipino business owners still use spreadsheets to manage HR. Enter Sprout Solutions, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that simplifies HR, payroll and timekeeping in the Philippines, eliminating payroll miscalculations and delays for businesses, from small and medium to large enterprises.