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Bo’s Coffee is the Philippines’ first and largest homegrown specialty coffee chain with 75 stores nationwide. It focuses on supporting local coffee farmers—sourcing the best of Philippine Coffee from Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Matutum, and Mt. Apo—and elevating the quality of Philippine coffee. Bo’s also offers a selection of food and beverages made by entrepreneurs who share Bo’s values, all in a setting of locally crafted furniture and decor.

Just like the coffee chain he founded, Steve is proudly Filipino, born and raised in Cebu City, the country’s second largest city. His relationship with coffee during his law school years, as drinking and making coffee became a ritual during long nights of studying. When Steve realized he savored the buzz of caffeine above all else, he traded a future as a barrister for that of a barista. He dropped out of law school and traveled to the U.S. to study the coffee industry. By 1996, Steve opened his first coffee kiosk upon returning to Cebu . Despite the initial struggles and the growing number of international competitors, he created a business that is locally rooted and internationally competitive.

Fast forward to 2015, Bo’s Coffee sets itself apart by serving customers with authentic and unparalleled Filipino hospitality and is vying with international chains, such as Starbucks, and even some local copycats. Bo’s Coffee is in fact the first coffee chain in the Philippines to launch a loyalty app, enabling the company to gain in-depth insights into customer purchasing behavior and preferences. Steve, who was also the President of the Entrepreneurs Organization Philippines, is proof that local entrepreneurs can compete head-to-head with international brands with the right blend of innovation and customer service.


Madrid ISP, 2016


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ABOUT Bo's Coffee

Bo’s Coffee is the Philippine’s first, nationwide specialist coffee chain that celebrates local culture and creativity by offering a blend of homegrown beans and creating positive social impact by empowering other social enterprises.