Tony Ennis

First Circle

Tony is Co-Founder & CTO of First Circle and leads the technology strategy and execution. Tony has developed the First Circle product which provides SMEs with access to finance in their pocket within five days. This is underpinned by First Circle’s data architecture and customer-centric product development methodology. Previously, Tony was the CTO & Founding Engineer at Web Summit: one of the most successful, high-growth European technology companies of the past 5 years. During his time the company experienced multi-year exponential growth in customers and revenue and is now a 150-person multi-million dollar business. This growth was attributed to the use of technology across all functions in a traditionally low-tech industry business.


Cape Town


Financial Services

ABOUT First Circle

First Circle is a Philippine-based financial technology lender that provides strong businesses with supply chain financing to meet larger client demands and improve bargaining position with trading partners. Since First Circle's public launch in 2016, they have loaned millions of dollars and served thousands of SMEs from various industries, enabling them to grow their business without worrying about lack of working capital.